The Good Lord Bird (2020)

The Good Lord Bird (2020)

Ethan Hawke stars as abolitionist John Brown in this limited series based on the novel. "Onion" is a fictional enslaved boy who becomes a member of Brown's family of abolitionist soldiers and finds himself in the 1859 raid at Harpers Ferry

Cast: Ethan Hawke, Joshua Caleb Johnson, Beau Knapp, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Nick Eversman, Ellar Coltrane, Jack Alcott, Mo Brings Plenty, Daveed Diggs, Steve Zahn, Wyatt Russell, Adam Shapiro, David Morse, Orlando Jones, McKinley Belcher III, Rafael Casal, Quentin Plair, Miles Mussenden, Joel Ashur, George Boaitey, Aaron Angus, Jacob Brankley, Oz Keenum, Jerrell Pegram, Ali Amin Carter, Crystal Lee Brown, Tamberla Perry, Darren Goldstein, Natasha Marc, Jeremy Childs, Lex King, Austin Alexander, Kelley Davis, Alexis Louder, Duke Davis Roberts, Patricia French, Michael Harding, J. Adami, Vince Eisenson, Grainger Hines, Scott Wichmann, Jasmine Shea, Mallie McCown, Kelly Mizell, Russell Shealy, Ro Underwood, Phil Burke, Ashley Shelton, William Tokarsky, Tamara Hopkins, Michael Vitovich, Russell Sams, Gerry Rose, David Abernethy, Natalie Cassell, Paul D'Elia, Linzi Gray, Ryan Hinson, John S. Howell Sr., Johnny K, Chance McCoy, Ryan L. Price, Kyle Riggs, William G. Tomek, Paul Wallis

04Season 1

Smells Like Bear

October 25, 2020

John and Onion continue their fundraising mission, heading to Canada on foot. When Harriet Tubman endorses Brown in a room full of new recruits, Onion realizes that he may be more invested in the cause and the "old man" than he thought.

03Season 1

Mister Fred

October 18, 2020

John Brown travels north with Onion, taking refuge at the home of Frederick Douglass and his two wives. When Brown and Douglass clash over methodology, Onion discovers just how complex the fight for justice and human equality really is.

02Season 1

A Wicked Plot

October 11, 2020

Onion and fellow slave Bob cross paths with pro-slavery "red shirts" escorting them to the slave-trading town of Pikesville, MO. Onion finds himself enmeshed in a mounting slave insurrection where he learns the consequences of his actions.

01Season 1

Meet the Lord

October 4, 2020

A young slave living in the Kansas territory in 1856, has a fateful run-in with abolitionist John Brown, who "frees" him, nicknames him "Onion" and welcomes him into his ragtag army. Series premiere.