SAS Australia (2020)

SAS Australia (2020)

SAS Australia sees Aussie celebrities take on a series of physical and psychological tests from an elite team of ex-Special Forces soldiers.

Cast: Ant Middleton, Mark Billingham, Jason Fox, Matthew Ollerton

10Season 1


November 17, 2020

Recruits race up a snow-covered mountain dragging a 60kg sled. Exhausted, they must then swim under ice, battling hypothermic conditions, only to discover the weakest will be sent home.

09Season 1


November 16, 2020

In a dangerous backward fall, the life of the jumper is in the hands of a fellow recruit. During an honesty test, some gobsmacking truths are shared. And a simple mistake results in a serious injury.

08Season 1


November 10, 2020

Recruits are brutally awoken by the sound of gun fire and a botched rescue attempt unfolds. Messages from home test the recruits' emotional resolve while a relentless pack march takes its toll.

07Season 1


November 9, 2020

Armed with rifles, recruits are tasked with a hostage rescue mission, before taking on their most dangerous task yet in near freezing water.

06Season 1


November 3, 2020

The fatigued recruits drop from a helicopter into 4°C water carrying 20kg backpacks, before making their way to shore as a group then racing to the top of a mountain.

05Season 1


November 2, 2020

In a punishing day, recruits crawl across a jagged ravine on a single rope above the ocean; are submerged in crashing, cold surf; and face a physical drilling that leaves them on the brink of collapse.

04Season 1


October 27, 2020

In freezing waters with plummeting body temperatures, recruits wait to be rescued by their teammates before they face a test of pure grunt and teamwork. An emotional departure surprises the group.

03Season 1


October 26, 2020

In an abandoned abattoir, recruits face a life or death decision before they are drilled physically into the early hours of the morning. Will they bow out from exhaustion or find the true grit needed?

02Season 1


October 20, 2020

Recruits are pushed to tackle their fears head on in a 60m high forward abseil, while a brutal game of murderball on a black mud plain leaves one recruit with a near concussion.

01Season 1


October 19, 2020

Celebrities undertake a series of extreme tasks, including jumping backwards out of a helicopter and hand to hand combat, as they begin the challenge of completing the gruelling SAS selection course.