The Right Stuff (2020)

The Right Stuff (2020)

U.S. fighter pilots are recruited to test experimental aircraft and rockets to become first Mercury astronauts. TV adaptation of Tom Wolfe's book, 'The Right Stuff'.

Cast: Patrick J. Adams, Patrick Fischler, Eric Ladin, James Lafferty, Shannon Lucio, Jake McDorman, Colin O'Donoghue, Jackson Pace, Eloise Mumford, Aaron Staton, Micah Stock, Michael Trotter, Nora Zehetner, Austan Sullivan, Rachel Burttram, Chandler Head, Joshua Ritter, Josh Cooke, Kaley Ronayne, Taegen Burns, Lucy Capri, Duke Demarest, Kevin Kedgley, Steve Heinz, Jim Cleary, Ellen Marguerite Cullivan, David Bolinger, Christopher Cassarino, Avery Burns, Kyra Johnson, Jade Albany Pietrantonio, Erica Askew, Jordan Blair Mangold Brown, Sacha Seberg, Colby Cardoso, Jeff Wallin, Christopher Mann, Laura Ault, Victoria White, Dean Deck, Ryan Doherty, Chris Barra, Ed Amatrudo, J. Scott Browning, Jonathan Sienkiewicz, Austin Bollinger, Michael McCauley, Daryn Kahn, Todd Allen Durkin, Matthew Chizever, Tom Izdon, Ella Paige

04Season 1


October 23, 2020

After a rocket malfunctions during a test, the Mercury 7 head home for Christmas. Shepard's holidays are fraught, as the arrival of his parents coincides with the adoption of Louise's niece.

03Season 1

Single Combat Warrior

October 16, 2020

After mysterious bouts of vertigo, Shepard turns to Dee O'Hara to help him. Meanwhile, Cocoa Beach has transformed from a ghost town to a perpetual party. Gordo finds himself tempted by another woman.

02Season 1


October 9, 2020

The press descends upon the domestic lives of the astronauts. Shepard and Gordo wilt under the limelight while Glenn thrives. Glenn secures a deal with Life Magazine that grants exclusive access to all seven astronauts in return for life-altering compensation.

01Season 1

Sierra Hotel

October 9, 2020

Chris Kraft's and his team were assigned to select the first seven astronauts for the United States Mercury program out of over 100 highly capable applicants.