All Creatures Great and Small (2021)

All Creatures Great and Small (2021)

The numerous adventures of a friendly staff at a country veterinarian practice in 1930s to 1940s Yorkshire. A remake of the 1978-1990 series. Taken from the autobiographical books by James Herriot.

Cast: Nicholas Ralph, Anna Madeley, Samuel West, Rachel Shenton, Callum Woodhouse, Imogen Clawson, Matthew Lewis, Mollie Winnard, Tony Pitts, Mark Noble, Maimie McCoy, Alexis Platt, Diana Rigg, Nigel Betts, Derek, Jon Furlong, Charlie May-Clark

07Season 1

The Night Before Christmas

December 22, 2020

James still has feelings for Helen and is struggling to cope as she prepares to get married to Hugh. On Christmas Eve James is called out to help a dog struggling to give birth and Helen volunteers to come along. But a thick fog comes over the Dales and it looks like the pair will be trapped together.

06Season 1

A Cure for All Ills

October 6, 2020

James celebrates his birthday, but personal and professional worries put a damper on the event. James and Tristan ignore Siegfried's advice and operate on a prized cow.

05Season 1

All's Fair

September 29, 2020

James is as pleased as punch to be the Attending Vet at the Darrowby Show, but Siegfried and Tristan take bets on how long he will last.

04Season 1

A Tricki Case

September 22, 2020

James is alarmed to receive a call from Mrs Pumphrey who fears her beloved dog Tricki Woo might be dying.

03Season 1


September 15, 2020

Siegfried hopes to become the attending vet at the local racecourse. Meanwhile an encounter with a racehorse threatens to end James's career. Tristan resorts to an unusual method of covering the loss of the surgery's income.

02Season 1

Another Farnon?

September 8, 2020

Helen provides James with a reason to stay in the Yorkshire Dales, and he discovers that there is another Farnon brother with an equally unique personality.

01Season 1

You've Got to Dream

September 1, 2020

James Herriot follows his dream to become a vet.