Indian Matchmaking (2020)

Indian Matchmaking (2020)

Matchmaker Sima Taparia guides clients in the U.S. and India in the arranged marriage process, offering an inside look at the custom in a modern era.

Cast: Sima Taparia

08Season 1

Adjustment and Compromise

July 16, 2020

Akshay makes a decision while a new path emerges for Rupam. Ankita has an empowering realization. As her clients move on, Sima’s work never stops.

07Season 1

Marriages Are Breaking like Biscuits

July 16, 2020

Sima faces a challenge with single mother Rupam. A discovery about her match bothers Ankita. Vyasar frets over revealing his father’s past to Rashi.

06Season 1

It's High Time

July 16, 2020

Vyasar and Rashi instantly bond. As Akshay rejects over 70 matches, Preeti gives him an ultimatum. Progressive Ankita looks for an equal partnership.

05Season 1

Take the Elephant out of the Room

July 16, 2020

A date with a model uplifts Pradhyuman. As Aparna’s luck seems to turn, Vyasar hits a snag. Akshay’s mother insists that he marry within the year.

04Season 1

I Want to See You Again

July 16, 2020

Nadia has a promising date. Pradhyuman sees a life coach. Sima sends Aparna to an astrologer and seeks a cultural match for guidance counselor Vyasar.

03Season 1

I'm Trying My Best!

July 16, 2020

A setback with Vinay temporarily discourages Nadia. Sima offers two more prospects to Aparna. Feeling the pressure, Pradhyuman finally goes on a date.

02Season 1

Just Find Me Someone!

July 16, 2020

Nadia's and Aparna’s dates have mixed results. Friends and family get honest with Pradhyuman. Sima consults a face reader for clarity on her clients.

01Season 1

Slim, Trim and Educated

July 16, 2020

Sima meets three unlucky-in-love clients: a stubborn Houston lawyer, a picky Mumbai bachelor and a misunderstood Morris Plains, N.J., event planner.